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SandyandBrian2webHi Bob and Laura:

Just wanted to say that we are really pleased with the feeder-the boys are consuming about 1/2 a bale per day-1/4 bale each-over the approximately 13 hours they are outside-so combined with their night time stall ration, it is working out really well. We went away for the day last Saturday, and it was so nice to see them happily munching when we returned late in the day, instead of pacing around and staring at the house, waiting for food. So it is working out as we'd hoped it would.

I wonder, though, if you might send us a copy of the invoice-you had indicated you would mail it to us, and perhaps you have done so recently, but if not, I'd really appreciate receiving it. You indicated that you guarantee them for five years, but we don't have any proof of purchase (except the feeder itself!). I don't expect we'd have any problems with it, but would like it for my files. Also, would you enclose 2 or 3 brochures-some of my horse acquaintances have expressed interest in it, so it might be great to had them a brochure.

Thanks again for a great product-I'm sure any horse people who buy one will be really pleased with it!

Sandy & Brian (Bancroft, ON)


Cathy-Posh-horsefeeder-recommendationMy name is Cathy Lowe and I board my 8 year old thoroughbred (Posh) at the home of the Drury Healthy Horse Feeders Corp.. Before moving here 3 years ago I was constantly having to supplement Posh's feed as she was always underweight especially towards spring, you could quite visibly see her ribs.

I spoke to Bob about this and it was at the time he was developing the hay feeders. He said, "Bare with me, I think I have the answer forthcoming." During the first year it was trial and error and then into year 2 the penny dropped and Bob had the feeders down to a science.

Posh has never looked and, I believe, felt better. She has more stamina and is always ready to ride without having to pre-feed. 

Cathy Lowe (Barrie, ON)


 Just a note to let you know we still love our hay feeder. I submitted a review on it to horsetackreview.com, they haven't posted it yet but I will tell you I gave it 5 shoes out of 5, and had nothing to dislike about it. Hopefully it will be of benefit.

I am telling everyone I know about the feeder and I recommend it to all.

Again - my thanks for making such a terrific feeder! I am so glad I found out about it and was able to get one for our horses.



horse feederMy name is Bart Adams. I have been using the Drury Healthy Horse Hay Feeders for a year now for my 4 horses and 1 mini. I can tell you that my small herd was never at peace before- feeding time was a stampede and it was worth your life to go out and feed. I was beginning to think that perhaps I should get rid of the horses for the safety of my whole family. I have 3 girls (ages 4, 8, and 16) who all love to be around the horses. However, it was just getting too dangerous.

I was telling a neighbour about my situation and he mentioned the Drury Healthy Horse Feeders that he had seen at a location nearby. I contacted Bob Drury and he told me all the benefits of feeding with the hay feeders. He offered to let me try 2 feeder on the condition that within 2 weeks if there was not complete peace in my herd that he would give me the feeders free! Well that was an offer no one could refuse. Needless to say he knew what he was talking about because it was less than 1 week the herd was at peace. My 4 and 8 year old can now roam about freely with the horses with no concern of being mauled or trampled.

Another great thing about the feeders is (we have 2 of the 6 day feeders) we only have to feed every 3-4 days which is soooo convenient because we often travel for 2-5 days and we don't have to worry about getting someone in to feed while we are away.

Thanks Bob for inventing this wonderful product. For us, it has been a life saver! 

Bart Adams (Barrie, ON)


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