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6-Day Continuous Slow Feeder

The best way to slow feed your horse(s). 

Feeders are made farm-tough:

  1. The base is made out of recycled plastic and keeps the feed 6” off the ground.
  2. The sides of the feeder are ¼” welded wire mesh.
  3. The overall dimensions are: (H) 48” x (W) 46” x (L) 47”.
  4. The centre divider, side panels, and lid are made of unbreakable Polyethylene plastic.
  5. The unit weighs approx 200 lbs.
  6. All metal parts are hot dip galvanized (nuts & bolts are stainless steel).
  7. The feeder is designed in such a way, that there is nothing a horse can catch themselves on. However, we strongly recommend that horses not be turned out with halters or blankets when using our 6-Day Continuous Slow Feeder. 
  • The 6 Day Feeder will hold 80-100 lbs of hay; enough hay for one horse for approx. 6 days.
  • The average horse eating average quality hay should consume no more than 15-24 lbs in a 24 hour period.
  • Feeders work by restricting the amount of hay a horse can pull through the hay bale feeder in a period of time. The unit comes with diet panels that are put in place so that the horse will eat in a natural position with its head down at a rate of 15-22 lbs/day.
  • Additional side panels can be purchased to further control the rate of hay from approx 12-15 lbs/day. Removal of all panels allows for free choice feeding.
  • The unit is easy to transport by hand or machine.

In over 3 years of intensive research we have concluded that our unique patent pending design of this slow feeder will work consistently through all kinds of weather and deliver hay uniformly to your horse 24-7-365.

It is your choice how to feed – you can either bring the hay to the feeder via a tractor and loader, wheel barrel, ATV, gator, pickup truck, etc… or carry by hand if the hay bale feeder is close to the barn. Or you can pick it up with a front end loader and bring the feeder to the barn to refill.

Storage Space: Our unique design includes an access door for storage space for 2, 40-60 lb bales inside the feeder for added convenience.


It takes about 2 minutes to fill a feeder.


healthy-horse-slow-feedersThe ideal situation for 5-6 horses, for example, would be to have 3 feeders spaced out around a paddock (Paddock Paradise) encouraging the horses to be in constant motion. It would also permit you to extend feeding times to every 3 days.

Our 7 horses have 6 feeders set up after a “Paddock Paradise” Model, in a five acre field, and they are forever on the move. The end results are great hooves and content athletic horses that are in a constant state of readiness for work and play!

Note** Amounts of hay consumed may vary slightly depending on the quality and texture of the hay.


6 Day Slow Feeder - Pricing

The 6 Day Slow Feeder: $1,200.00

Storage Door Included

Allow 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery.

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