Continuous Slow
Feeding Systems for Horses

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Providing only the best Continuous Slow Feeders for horses and their owners.

stall horse feeder

The Stall Master Slow Horse Feeder holds 25-35 lbs of hay enough for one horse for 24 hrs

horse hay feeder

The 6 Day Continuous Slow Feeder will hold 80-100 lbs of hay; enough hay for one horse for approx. 6 days.

slow horse hay feeder

The Round Bale Slow Feeder is the latest addition to our no-waste slow feeding systems. 



Just wanted to say that we are really pleased with the feeder-the boys are consuming about 1/2 a bale per day-1/4 bale each-over the approximately 13 hours they are outside-so combined with their night time stall ration, it is working out really well.
We went away for the day last Saturday, and it was so nice to see them happily munching when we returned late in the day, instead of pacing around and staring at the house, waiting for food. So it is working out as we'd hoped it would.
Sandy & Brian

Our Healthy Horse Feeders are the best continuous slow feeders to hit the market. Designed, built and tested by a horse owner, they will last forever.

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